About Me

Profile with Parrot

I am an administrator by day and a photographer by night (and weekends!)  I’m madly in love with nature and the world around me.  I love the beauty it provides, especially in the things that people pass by every day.  I use my photographs to say, “Stop for a moment and look at this.” There is beauty and magic in the things that surround us every day, and they deserve a closer look.  My desire is that my photographs would honour the moment, and feed your soul the way they feed mine.

I live in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Although I’ve done some traveling, I think the Maritimes are one of the most gorgeous places in the world.  Travel with me through my photographs to some of my favorite places and I think you will agree.


This is my sidekick Bailey.  She’s the love of my life and my partner in crime when we go on our photography adventures together.  🙂